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Step into a world of gaming excitement with Halls Rolling Video Games! Serving Novi, Michigan, and Metro Detroit, we bring the ultimate party experience to you with our video game trailer truck. Get ready for non-stop fun and unforgettable memories as we roll up and transform your event into a gaming extravaganza.

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Pac-Man character

Our self-powered video game trailer truck boasts multiple PlayStation and Xbox Series X stations, along with seven 55" TVs, setting the stage for over 20 gamers to play simultaneously. Immerse yourself in the latest game releases and embark on epic multiplayer journeys as our state-of-the-art truck brings the party right to your doorstep. Get ready for an electrifying experience that turns any event into a gaming sensation!

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Xbox Series X
55" TVs
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Vibration Stadium Seating
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Self-Powered Truck
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Coach and Founder:
Zachary Hall

Meet Zach Hall, the visionary behind Halls Rolling Video Games. As a dedicated family-oriented individual and an avid gamer himself, Zach understands the magic of bringing people together through gaming. His passion for creating unforgettable experiences led him to establish a service that combines the thrill of gaming with the joy of connecting with loved ones. With Zach's expertise and love for gaming, Halls Rolling Video Games promises an exceptional and family-friendly gaming adventure for all.

Halls Rolling Video Games Owner Zach.

Elevate birthday parties with a dash of gaming excitement, add a competitive edge to corporate outings, and create lasting memories at family reunions. Our immersive experience is the perfect highlight for graduation parties, and we're a hit at town fairs and festivals, too. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or adding an extra layer of fun to a community event, Halls Rolling Video Games is ready to bring the thrill of gaming to any gathering.

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You name it, we're there!

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